The Athlete Cognition Cycle®

Advanced Vision Assessment and Training

When playing sports, an athlete's eyes take in over 80% of the available sensory information as compared to your other four senses. Over 30% of the neurons in the brain are devoted to processing visual input. 

So, it makes perfect sense to assess your team's  visual perception to test their ability to see patterns developing and react quicker to moving objects that give them that extra tenth of a second to make the right decision.

Cognitive Skills Assessment and Training

athlete brain.jpg

You know your team's 40-yd dash times, resting heart rates and maybe even their VO2 max scores. But do you know the reaction time, pattern recognition ability or working memory capacity of each player?

These are just a few of the brain skills they use hundreds of times in every game. They can also cause mental mistakes, turnovers and poor decisions. 

The good news is that these core cognitive abilities can be assessed and benchmarked to better understand each player's mental toolkit.

Skill Acquisition and Effectiveness Assessment


Seeing the available options and picking the right action mean nothing if you can't execute the skill, whether it be a movement, pass or shot.

Each athlete learns specific motor skills at different speeds and levels. Understanding the individual needs of each player through skills assessments speeds the learning process. 

But the proof of effective training is in the evaluation of their competitive performance through decision-making analytics from game film review that measure the entire Athlete Cognition cycle.