What Happens When Johnny Manziel Sleeps Late

Last month, Johnny Manziel, Heisman Trophy winning quarterback at Texas A&M, made news when he was asked to leave the Manning Passing Academy after he missed a morning meeting and practice.  In his role as a coach/counselor to the future QBs at the camp, he was helping teach the fundamental movements and technique of the position.  

His reason for his absence? “I just overslept”. While some in the media have suggeste other reasons for his “tiredness”, new research reveals that all that sleep may have actually helped him improve his own motor skills for the new season.

Researchers have known for awhile that we all need sleep, not only for rejuvenation, but also to help us consolidate and organize new information and allow the day’s learning to solidify in our brains.  This is especially true for motor tasks, including everything from playing a complicated piano piece to riding a bike to throwing a tight spiral twenty yards down field.

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